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The Cuckold Test - Part I

Submitted by AngieWalkerBlue on August 11, 2012

Danny drained the remnants of his beer from the bottle, his eyes and thoughts on the attractive blonde stood at the beach bar a few yards away. A sudden breeze opened her wrap around skirt briefly allowing him to get a flash of tanned thigh and panties. There were others sat around tables as the evening sunset began to take hold but no one else seemed to notice the sudden flash of naked flesh.

The barman who was serving her didnít get a look either; it was difficult from his vantage point anyway. Danny had no doubt though that he would have liked to have seen what he had seen; he knew the look of lust when he saw it. He had seen that look when they first arrived three days ago and he had seen his eyes light up every time they had paid a visit to the bar which lay a few hundred yards from their apartment, It was clear to him that the Jamaican bar owner had the hots for Claire, his wife.

They were talking about him though. Every now and then they would look across at h... Log in to read more

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