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Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover - Part I

Submitted by WantWhiteWomen on August 11, 2012

Louise's head was pounding like crazy! Thankfully her boss let her go home about 2 hours early. "That's funny," she said to herself as she walked up her front walk, "I wonder why mom's car is here." Her first thought that maybe she was under the weather too, so instead of making a lot of noise she came in and closed the front door easy. She then took off her heels and walked softly up the steps towards her bedroom. She saw the door to her parent's bedroom door was closed and she was just about to open it to see if her mom was all right. That's when she heard the sound of a deep breathing and a male's voice on the other side!

The voice had an accent and was so deep she knew immediately it wasn't her dad. That definitely was not her father's voice, besides, he was off on a four-day business trip in Cleveland and had just left this morning.

With her heart in her mouth Louise felt it nearly leaping through her chest as she slowly cracked open the door... Log in to read more

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