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A Welcome to Cuckoldry

Submitted by AngieWalkerBlue on July 06, 2011

“Cuckoldry can be great fun. Get involved in grooming her for her dates. Trimming her pubic hair, for example, can be a very strong submissive experience when you know that in a few hours another man will be enjoying the scenery. Help her choose clothes. Better still, go shopping with her for some sexy clothes that she can wear on dates. Get her an anklet that she can wear on her right ankle to signal that she is a hot wife. Bathe her and then rub her down with perfumed oils before her dates.” Tammy read aloud.

Brian stood at the bottom of the bed. He had listened to her reading from the book that Pam had given her but his mind was elsewhere. Tammy was sat in the middle of the bed, naked except for a short red silk negligee; her legs were spread wide with her ankles crossed and he could see everything. Her pouting vulva lips and her protruding pink butterfly wings beckoned him. He too was naked and erect.

She glanced up at him but didn’t seem to no... Log in to read more

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