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White Wife With a Black Baby

Submitted by kysabraswell on October 21, 2011

David had wondered about Kysa. She was getting so big, now in her 7th month of pregnancy. Her belly was double the normal pregnant size, her breasts went from a full D-cup to a double FF-cup now, and it was showed. With those huge breasts now sitting on top of an extremely large belly, they looked so full that they were doing to explode any minute. David had not had sex with Kysa since getting pregnant and he was dying to get inside her. Her blowjobs were great, but he wanted to plant his 6.5-inch cock into her and spray her womb. Certainly no danger of getting her pregnant, that's for sure! Kysa came into the living room, wearing her usual wardrobe of late, a large light blue silk robe.

"Kysa are you all right?" David asked.

"Fine, except for my breasts. They're so swollen they hurt! Can you believe how big they are?"

"Frankly, I'm amazed. [Here, sit down, Kysa.] You can barely walk anymore. You're huge, not fat, but god, Kysa, yo... Log in to read more

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